New Researcher Workshops

VAHS New Researcher workshops have been held at universities across the UK on a wide range of topics. These have included child poverty, imperial benevolence and campaigning in contemporary society.

Workshop reports

University of York, February 2014
Oral Histories of Voluntary Action
The workshop was funded by the Humanities Research Centre at the University of York

University of Southampton, October 2012
Voluntary Work Workshop
The event was generously funded by the Work Futures Research Centre

Oxford Brookes University, March 2012
Making Connections: Transnational Networks in European Welfare History
in association with the Centre for the History of Welfare
See also Kevin O’Sullivan’s blog article

University of Huddersfield, March 2012
Gendering the History of Charity and Voluntary Effort
See also Kate Bradley’s blog article

University of Manchester, May 2011
‘Dependents of Welfare’: Voluntary Action and Child Poverty in Britain, 1800-2000

Queen Mary University of London, March 2011
Youth, Recreation and Voluntary Action in association with the History Education Society and the British Society of Sports History

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, November 2010
Public Health and Voluntary Action

Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, September 2010
Charity and the City: Medieval to Modern (programme)
Workshop report: pages 18-19 of Wellcome History, issue 46

University College London, June 2010
Imperial Benevolence: Voluntary Action and the British Empire

University of Warwick, March 2010
Charity Begins at Home: Approaches to the History of Domestic Space & Voluntary Action

University of Birmingham, November 2009
Campaigning in Contemporary Society: Histories and Policies

Oxford Brookes University, February 2009
Medicine and Charity in History