In 2024, the VAHS re-launched our podcasts series recorded as part of our seminars hosted in collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research. Our podcasts are now available on YouTube.

We are currently in the process of listing and making the previous recordings available for research.

Legacy Recordings:

There are some additional recordings available on legacy channels. We are working to migrate these over to YouTube.

17/05/21: For our second talk in our series, we hosted Kate Bradley, Reader in Social History and Social Policy, University of Kent, who gave a talk entitled ‘Social change, community action and accessible legal advice, 1960-1980’, examining how advice services (legal and other types) were used as a means of enabling marginalised individuals and communities to navigate the welfare state and to assert themselves against local authorities, retailers and landlords in the period 1960 to 1990. You can listen to the audio of the talk below.


20/04/21: We were excited to host our first talk last evening. Professor Pat Thane gave a talk entitled ‘”Well-bred and conventional ladies”: The National Council of Women and Voluntary Action in UK, 1895-1939’. This talk explored the early years of the National Council of Women, which was set up in the 1890s to support women voluntary workers and then became active in ever more fields as it grew. You can listen to the audio of the talk below.