Thank You, George!

This month sees the handover in editorial duties here at the VAHS blog, from George Gosling to a new editorial team.  George established the blog in 2011 with the aim of fostering discussion and providing a space for scholars to share their research on voluntary action.  How he has succeeded!  Over three years, George has not only arranged dozens of posts from researchers in the field, but has regularly contributed his own writing.  We would like to thank him for all his hard work which has made the blog such a success, and point you all in the direction of his excellent website, where you can read more about his on-going research.

The position of blog editor will be held jointly by Kevin O’Sullivan and Megan Webber.  Kevin is a lecturer in history at National University of Ireland Galway, where he works on the history of globalisation, decolonisation, and international relations – particularly the history of humanitarian NGOs.  You can read more here.  Megan is a PhD student at the University of Hertfordshire.  Her research looks into the ways poor Londoners used charitable resources in the early nineteenth century.  Kevin and Megan may be contacted at

Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O’Sullivan

Megan Webber

Megan Webber

Together, we hope to keep the blog lively and relevant, and will look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions on all aspects of the blog. But what a tough act to follow!


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