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Since September 2009, the VAHS has been recording its monthly seminars and conference keynote addresses in order to make them freely available as audio podcasts. Over the summer of 2012 all these podcasts are being made available here along with abstracts, searchable alongside our regular blog articles. You can browse the podcasts posted on our blog below.

Charity and the First World War

[audio]Leanne Green, VAHS Seminar, 19 November 2013 (slides) Advertising War: The Visual Imagery of Charity Campaigns in the First World War How do we remember the First World War? And what do historians make of how we remember the First … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Myth of the 1950s Housewife – Voluntary women’s organisations and the challenge to idealised domesticity in postwar Britain

VAHS Seminar given by Caitriona Beaumont of London South Bank University on 6 December 2010  [audio] Powerpoint slides ABSTRACT The changing role of women in post war British society has been well-documented by historians, for example Jane Lewis (1992), Sue Bruley … Continue reading

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Podcast: Following ‘The Absent-Minded Beggar’ – a case-history of a fund-raising campaign of the South African War

VAHS Seminar given by Dr John Lee of the University of Bristol on 22 November 2010 ABSTRACT Kipling’s poem was written at the very beginning of the South African war to raise money for the families of soldiers. It was … Continue reading

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Podcast: Eglantyne Jebb, 1876-1928 – unlikely children’s champion?

VAHS Seminar given by Clare Mulley on 26 September 2010  [audio] ABSTRACT ‘To succeed in life, you must give life’ Eglantyne Jebb once wrote. But she herself did not give life in the traditional way expected of a well-to-do Edwardian lady … Continue reading

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Podcast: To Create Community – Some Contrasting Interwar Initiatives in the UK

VAHS Seminar given by Lesley Hall of the Wellcome Library on 20 June 2010  ABSTRACT This paper will consider some contrasting approaches to meeting the need for community during the interwar years in the UK in a world in which human connections … Continue reading

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