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Charity History and the Big Picture

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Kate Bradley, University of Kent When researching voluntary action, our primary unit of analysis is often – if not always – a particular charity or group of charities. There are good reasons for this. Most obviously, there is the value in … Continue reading

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Podcast: The History of the Carers’ Movement – A Remarkably Successful Story. Why?

VAHS Seminar given by Timothy Cook on 26 October 2009 ABSTRACT The carers’ movement is today one of the most successful of all the voluntary sector initiatives that began in the early 1960s. The term carer however was not even … Continue reading

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Podcast: The First Lady Almoner – The Appointment, Position and Findings of Miss Mary Stewart at the Royal Free Hospital, 1895-1899

VAHS Seminar given by Lynsey Cullen of Oxford Brookes University on 27 September 2009 Powerpoint slides ABSTRACT The work of the Almoning profession within the medical system of the late nineteenth century has been seriously neglected in historical study. Few … Continue reading

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The Settlement Movement since 1918

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Mark Freeman, University of Glasgow VAHS Seminar, 5 December 2011 ‘A movement that moves’: The settlement in Britain after the First World War The settlement movement, which originated in London in the 1880s and spread across Britain and America in … Continue reading

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Student Volunteering Week 1912?

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Georgina Brewis, Institute of Education, University of London Today is the first day of Student Volunteering Week 2012, an annual event marking the contribution that higher and further education students make to the wider community through volunteering, fundraising and campaigning … Continue reading

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