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Charity and the Coalition: Whatever Happened to the Big Society?

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George Campbell Gosling, Oxford Brookes University What’s wrong with the Big Society? It’s dead, that’s what wrong with it. It’s not just resting. I’m an historian, so I know a dead policy initiative when I see one and and the … Continue reading

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Problem Families: Past and Present

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Pat Starkey, University of Liverpool Who exactly were the ‘troubled’ families that David Cameron had in mind when he was speaking at Sandwell Christian Centre on 14 December?  His slightly self-conscious use of the adjective ‘troubled’ may have been chosen … Continue reading

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That Was The Year That Was – Farewell to 2011!

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Colin Rochester and Meta Zimmeck, Practical Wisdom R2Z For many parts of the voluntary sector 2011 was a year of brutal clarity, as the Coalition Government’s spending cuts and restructuring of public services began to bite. It was also a … Continue reading

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The ‘Big Society’ and the Challenges of History

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Glen O’Hara, Oxford Brookes University The ‘Big Society’ was supposed to be one of the Conservatives’ most important new ideas. Their 2010 General Election Manifesto was entitled Your Invitation to Join the Government of Britain, a little blue book which … Continue reading

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What is the big society and why should historians care?

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George Campbell Gosling, Oxford Brookes University Have you ever noticed that when politicians are asked ‘What is the big society?’ they tend to begin their answer ‘The big society is about…’? The term was coined by the Prime Minister’s media … Continue reading

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