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13–15 July 2016
University of Liverpool
VAHS 6th International Conference
Call for Papers

Past Events


9 June 2014
Senate House
Seminar: Meet the Archivist
Janine Stanford, The Children’s Society
Alexandra Hall, The Institute of Education Archives
Co-organised with History Lab

7 February 2014
University of York
Workshop: Oral Histories of Voluntary Action
Funded by the Humanities Research Centre at the Univeristy of York



10 October 2012
University of Southampton
Workshop: Voluntary Work Workshop
Funded by the Work Futures Research Centre

21 March 2012
Oxford Brookes University
Workshop: Making Connections: Transnational Networks in European Welfare History
In association with the Centre for the History of Welfare
See also Kevin O’Sullivan’s blogpost

9 March 2012
University of Hudderfield
Workshop: Gendering the History of Charity and Voluntary Effort
See also Kate Bradley’s blogpost

30 January 2012
Seminar: Disability and Voluntarism in Britain, 1965–1995: An Effective Force in Policy Making?
Gareth Millward, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Read his blogpost
Listen to the podcast


10 October 2011
Seminar: Two Tier Philanthropy: The Philanthropists who Funded the Bishop of London’s Fund and the Work that Fund Financed, 1863–1914
Sarah Flew, Open University
View the slides
Read her blogpost
Listen to the podcast

20 June 2011
Seminar: For the Sick Poor? Payment and Philanthropy in the Pre-NHS Voluntary Hospital System, c.1900–1948
George Campbell Gosling, Oxford Brookes University
View the slides
View the handout
Read his blogpost
Listen to the podcast

3 May 2011
University of Manchester
Workshop: ‘Dependents of Welfare’: Voluntary Action and Child Poverty in Britain, 1800–2000

14 March 2011
Seminar: Transforming the Peasant: Mind, Body and Soul. Student Volunteers in Rural Romania, 1934–1938
Raluca Musat, University College London
Listen to the podcast

19 March 2011
Queen Mary University of London
Workshop: Learning to Play the Game: Youth, Recreation and Voluntary Action
In association with the History of Education Society and the British Society of Sports History

14 February 2011
Seminar: Gay NGOs and the Formation of a ‘Gay Community’ in England, 1967–1985
Charles Smith, University of Loughborough
Listen to the podcast


20 November 2010
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Workshop: Public Health and Voluntary Action

25 October 2010
Seminar: The Geography of the Matter: Transnationalism and Interwar British Women’s Philanthropy
Eve Colpus, University of Oxford
Read her blogpost
Listen to the podcast

23 September 2010
Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge
Workshop: Charity and the City: Medieval to Modern
Supported by the Economic History Society
See the Workshop Report on pages 18–19 of Wellcome History, issue 46

4 June 2010
University College London
Workshop: Imperial Benevolence: Voluntary Action and the British Empire
Supported by the Economic History Society

27 March 2010
University of Warwick
Workshop: Charity Begins at Home: Approaches to the History of Domestic Space and Voluntary Action
Supported by the Economic History Society


23 November 2009
Seminar: Fashioning Mothers of the Next Generation: Philanthropy in Birmingham and Sydney, 1860–1914
Elizabeth Harvey, University College London
Listen to the podcast

13 November 2009
University of Birmingham
Workshop: Campaigning in Contemporary Society: Histories and Policies
Supported by the Economic History Society

28 September 2009
Seminar: The First Lady Almoner: The Appointment, Position and Findings of Miss Mary Stewart at the Royal Free Hospital, 1895–1899
Lynsey Cullen, Oxford Brookes University
View the slides
Listen to the podcast

15 June 2009
Seminar: ‘Half-way Homes’: The Geographical Distribution of Voluntary Mental After-Care Charity in Relation to Public English Asylums, 1879–1939
Stephen Soanes, University of Warwick

18 May 2009
Seminar: ‘Treasuring things of the least’: Volunteer-rum Village Museums in England in the 1920s and 1930s
Bridget Yates, University of Gloucester

27 April 2009
Seminar: ‘Towards Unification’? The Hospital Contributory Scheme Problem in Bristol before 1948
George Campbell Gosling, Oxford Brookes University

21 February 2009
Oxford Brookes University
Workshop: Medicine and Charity in History


26 February 2008
Seminar: ‘Fill full the mouth of famine’: Voluntary action in famine relief in India 1877–1900
Georgina Brewis, University of East London


17 March 2007
Seminar: ‘Two nations, One Church?’ The Church of England, the welfare state and voluntarism under Thatcher
Eliza Filby, IHR

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